Strawberry Jam

I recently went along to Chevallum Strawbfest, a school fete which is positioned right near strawberry fields and consequently revolves around strawberries. It a wonderful evening and each year the organisers find more  ways to use strawberries- ranging from strawberry sundaes and pavlovas to strawberry shakes and daiquiri’s.

But the best part of the festival is the strawberries being sold for an absolute bargain. At the end of the night i picked up 4 massive punnets of strawberries for just $10.

What a wonderful excuse to make strawberry Jam!

This is the first time I’ve made jam and i was under the impression it was a difficult thing to do- instead if found it simple, quick and the process fascinated me.

So i started by roughly chopping up strawberries:

Then chopped up more strawberries:

250g of sugar was then added to 500g of strawberries (the recipe i was following said 500g but I found that much wasn’t needed and the process worked fine with less sugar).

This was the part of the process I found most fascinating, without any water or liquids added, the sugar worked to draw out the water in the strawberries and the saucepan became full with liquid and the strawberries became mushy all on their own- i was quite intrigued seeing this happen:

So after approximately 20 minutes of the jam bubbling away on medium heat on the stove it was ready to be packaged up!This jam had more chunky bits in it than most jams i have tried but more time on the stove would have reduced that (personally i quite like the chunks on toast)

I bought some cheap jars from a bargain shop which were a perfect size to fit the jam! Make sure to sterilise the jars your using so the jam can store for longer- to sterilise just pop the jar in boiling water for about 10 or so minutes.

The finished product!:

The jam making was a success and I would consider it very worth making- Only takes about half an hour but makes enough to last for weeks.

I think it would be an excellent gift idea- decorate the jars with ribbons for birthday or even red and green for a christmas gift!

Thanks so much for stopping by- please feel free to comment and say hi 🙂 I’d love to hear what you think of what you’ve seen on this blog 🙂



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