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And So It Begins

Hello there,

I have been wanting to start a blog ever since my Blog addiction began about half way through this year. Since then I have been waiting for a time in my life when it suits to officially begin my very own blog adventure- and i’m so excited that this time has finally arrived! Although i know i should probably wait until the end of my year 12 schooling- i don’t want to wait any longer! This is one big experiment on my behalf and considering how foreign technology is to me- we’ll see how it goes.

I love photography and i hope to share this passion through my blog, along with my love of baking, travelling and visiting exciting places. My aim is to share with you my distorted focus of life- the way i see the world.

So I would love any tips or pointers anyone who knows anything about blogging may have to offer. I am willing to take on any advice- no matter how basic it may seem to you i’m sure it will help me more than you think 🙂

Katie M